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At ACCP, education is the “toast of the town” and we strive to provide as many educational opportunities as possible for you to “drink it in” through different learning environments.

"Excellent webinar!  I can’t wait for the next one.  You really helped me fill in some gaps
in my marketing plan for the year."

--Jennifer Keefe
Director of Catering

Our educational webinars will provide an opportunity for you to gain expertise in varying subjects while sitting at your own desk in your club or from any computer worldwide! Webinars are hosted every other month and are included in membership in the ACCP.

Non-Members are welcome to participate in our webinars and can be purchased online. Webinars are $39.00 each, or you can purchase the annual package of all 6 webinars for $189.00 (a $45.00 savings!)

Webinars that are "recorded" will be emailed to you in a link that you can view at your convenience.

All webinars are broadcast live on the dates below at 11:00am PST/1:00pm CST/2:00pm EST.
Webinars are also recorded, so in case you miss the live broadcast, you can watch the recorded version at your convenience!

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Upcoming, Live Webinars:
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Recorded Webinar Library:

(Available anytime via an emailed link. Just register online)

Recorded Webinar
The 2020 Wedding Trend Predictions – What’s on the Horizon?  
In this approximately 45 minute webinar, we will be discussing:  Food, decor, entertainment and experiential trends that will make our 2020 weddings one for the ages!
Recorded Webinar  Team Building Time! Improving Your Team Dynamics
In this approximately 45 minute webinar, we will be discussing:  Communication, Respect, Cross-Selling and MasterMind Sessions!
Recorded Webinar Creating New Sales Streams and Markets
In this approximately 45 minute webinar, we will be discussing:  Building existing markets; upselling; new niche, cultural markets; new markets within your member events
Recorded Webinar        
Plan Now…Holiday Season Culinary, Décor and Entertainment Trends
In this approximately 45 minute webinar, we will be discussing:  All of the fun, sparkly, drool-worthy trends to look forward to for this upcoming Holiday Season, as well as juggling the private event versus member event calendars.
Recorded Webinar Building Attendance at Member Events 
Having a hard time getting Members to RSVP? In this approximately 45 minute webinar, we will be discussing:  Some tips and techniques to build attendance and get Members to RSVP earlier for events.
Recorded Webinar The 2019 Wedding Trend Predictions!
*The wonderful new wedding trends and eye-popping details to look forward to in 2019!
*How to maximize revenues from trends (upselling!)
*Get organized! Writing your 2019 wedding marketing plan
Recorded Webinar Getting a Jump Start on Your Next Year's Event Planning and Budgeting 
This webinar covers:
* Things to consider NOW for your next year budget
* A well-rounded Member event calendar and communications with special guest Shanna Bright, Private Clubs Online
* Experience-driven events and Member benefits with special guest Sheryl Sellers, Palmer Advantage
* Private Event Prospecting, Planning and Strategy
Recorded Webinar The 2018 Wedding Trend Predictions!
Recorded Webinar Bright Ideas in Event Lighting
Recorded Webinar The 2017 Wedding Trend Predictions
Recorded Webinar 
Building an Effective Catering & Events Budget 
Recorded Webinar  How to Refresh and Renovate Your Club for Maximum Catering Impact
  With Guest Speaker Tom Hoch, of Tom Hoch Plan.Design.Build
Recorded Webinar
The Why, What and Who of Social Media for Private Clubs
Recorded Webinar  2016 Wedding Trends with a Panel of Industry Trendsetters! 
Recorded Webinar How to Keep Your Marketing Plan Fresh
Recorded Webinar
Beyond Busy. . .
Recorded Webinar How Has Social Media Affected Your Sales? With Guest Panelist, Paul Hattimer, CCM
Recorded Webinar
March Menu Madness with Guest Chef Jason McClain of the Jonathan Club, Los Angeles
Recorded Webinar Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Recorded Webinar Wedding Wonderland! The 2015 Wedding Trends are Here!
Recorded Webinar  New Members, New Revenues (New member tour, orientation and 1st year process)
Recorded Webinar Sales Technique Tips and Follow-Up Facts
Recorded Webinar  Menu Mania! Creating Exciting and Enticing Epicurean Delights!
Recorded Webinar  Increasing Your Wine Wisdom
Recorded Webinar  Social Media Savvy. . . How Social Are You?
Recorded Webinar  
Staying on Trend. . . Announcing the 2014 Wedding Trends!
Recorded Webinar
The Top 5 Target Markets That Need to be in Your Marketing Plan
Recorded Webinar
Putting the Upcoming Holiday Season on the Fast Track! 
Recorded Webinar Member First Marketing to Increase Member Hosted Events
Recorded Webinar
Everything You Always Wanted to Ask Your Chef But Were Afraid to Ask
Recorded Webinar
The Luxury Bride DeMystified with Wendy Dahl
Recorded Webinar
Tips for Planning the Perfect Bridal Show
Recorded Webinar
Getting a Jump on the 2012 Wedding Season 
Recorded Webinar
Maximizing your Corporate and Charitable Event Markets 
Recorded Webinar
Providing the Ultimate Member Service and Increasing Your Member-Hosted Events 
Recorded Webinar
Partnering Within the Club to Increase Prospecting Opportunities 
Recorded Webinar
Preparing for the Holiday Season 
Recorded Webinar
Looking Ahead! Writing Your Perfect Annual Marketing Plan 

"The webinar was FABULOUS!! I love hearing all of these ideas targeted specifically for private clubs. We need this in our industry and I can’t thank you enough for getting it started. I can not wait to share all of these strategies with my team and watch the revenues increase!!!"
--Jill Barber
National Director of Catering
Arnold Palmer Golf Management

"Thank you for the great webinar! I’ve taken many notes on your great ideas and am looking forward to the next one! Job well done."

--Lucy Gidley, Bermuda Run Country Club