Club Catering Professional Association


A Certification Just For You…The Club Catering Professional

Coming soon, the Association will launch an Online Club Event Professional Certification Program for all Members. With our online training, you can immediately start to improve your job skills, job skills of your team, department and club. Our online certification and training will be self-directed and convenient-learn at your own pace, quickly or take your time. You're always in control of learning where, when and how you want with unlimited access 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

The training and certification will have skill assessments to measure your progress. We strive to make the education relevant and interactive, so that you are successful and will want to continue learning. Our training is designed to keep you as well as other employees interested in training and education by making online learning convenient, relevant, immediate, and fun. The computer training allows you to start improving your sales performance one skill set at a time and have an even greater impact to your overall success.

Once you complete all phases of the training program you will receive a professional certificate of completion with your new designation as a Certified Club Event Professional.

A Sample of the Certification Program:


1. Level One Basic Sales Training
2. Level Two Sales Training
3. Prospecting
4. Referral Sales
5. Creating Your Catering Menus and Wine List
6. Preferred Vendor List
7. Writing Winning Proposals
8. Increasing Your Revenue Through Up-selling
9. Standards of Operation
10. Creating an Event-Friendly Culture in Your Club

Internal Marketing

1. The Club Team Approach
  • Working with the Membership Department for referrals
  • “Revenue Teams”
2. Club Websites
3. Social Media
4. Email Marketing
5. Member Newsletter
6. Employee Newsletter

External Marketing and Advertising

1. Keeping it Exclusive
2. Advertising Websites
3. Social Media
4. Email Marketing
5. Press Releases
6. Community Networking & Involvement
7. Holiday Events
8. Creating Awareness Through Associations & Organizations
9. Vendor Referrals and Strategic Partnerships

Target Markets

1. Members
  • New Members
  • Member Guests
  • Member Board & Committees
2. The Wedding Market 
  • Marketing to the Bride
  • Marketing to the Wedding Planners
  • Places of Worship Relationships
  • Advertising
  • Destination Weddings
  • Wedding Etiquette
  • How to produce a successful bridal show 
  • Templates for bridal show contracts

3. Corporate and Charitable Tournaments

  • Golf
  • Tennis

4. Social Events
5. Corporate Events
6. School Events
7. Charitable Events
8. Associations and Professional Organizations
9. Chambers and CVBs
10. Destination Management Companies
11. Special Event Industry Event, Meeting and Wedding Planners
12. Repeat Business

Writing a Club Catering Department Marketing Plan