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Travel Experiences

Sink Your Fork Into This - More Than A Trip

Tune in to the real world and experience professional travel excursions to open your mind to new experiences that will benefit your career in the Club and Catering Industry. We have handpicked awe-inspiring destinations, as well as educational venues to challenge your taste buds and expand your mind. Enjoy small group settings where you will receive personalized experiences; all planned and coordinated by the Association.

We have selected certain destinations for their extensive educational opportunities and access to unparalleled expertise from industry professionals. We want to take you places that will immerse you in your professional field and create events that will allow you to grow and develop to your fullest potential, but never forgetting the fun of the journey along the way. As we believe that the journey is in the experience of the destination, each and every experience will be committed to introducing new, interactive, and intellectual exploration wherever the trip may lead us.

As a Member, you will have access to our annual travel adventures and these will be trips you will not want to miss…so join now. Expand your horizons.